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S2 E9 – The Dakota Boyz

S2 E9 – The Dakota Boyz

Dakota Boyz – Season 2 Episode 9 – April 1

It’s April 1st and we’re talking to the Dakota Boyz, Ole Olsen and his cousin Sven Svenson. They’re telling us about what they’re up to in both North and South Dakota. There’s some great projects going on, and they’ve been having fun huntin’ and fishin’ and have the stories to prove it. We learn about lutefisk Twinkies, Leinenkugel and shield maidens. They also talk about some of the cool new MDF events they’re running up in the Dakotas like Beers for Deer and Gun-a-paloozas – and they tell us about the two new chapters launched in Minnesota. Steve then describes the time when MDF Regional Director Marshall Johnson had him eat Atomic Bison Turds (go NDSU!). Boy, those guys know how to make a fool of themselves…

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