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S2 E10 – Ladies Hunting Camp with Candy Yow and Jeremy Anderson

S2 E10 – Ladies Hunting Camp with Candy Yow and Jeremy Anderson

Season 2 Episode 10 -Ladies Hunting Camp with Candy Yow and Jeremy Anderson

Today we are talking with Candy Yow who started a Ladies Hunting Camp as a way to share information with women who are interested in learning how to hunt and shoot – this summer the camps will be in Oregon and Utah. The camps provide instruction on a variety of techniques that include archery and rifle shooting; tracking, stalking and calling game; field dressing and processing meat; outdoor cooking; and much more. Women (and girls!) must have their hunter ed card, but all ages and skill levels are welcome to attend. Jeremy Anderson, MDF’s regional director in Utah, describes how Utah chapters helped with last year’s camp and also how transformational it was for his wife to participate – to the extent that this year, she completed her hunter safety course! These events have women empowering other women to be active participants in conservation, and MDF will be helping to sponsor the camp and have an increased presence in the Utah event this year. Jeremy also tells us about the MDF ladies’ chapters that are starting to develop in Utah, Oregon and California. Candy’s Ladies Hunting Camp continues to grow and there are many ladies coming back year after year, so they are planning on expanding opportunities with other learning experiences. Listen to this episode of Talking Mule Deer to get more detailed information about this year’s Ladies Hunting Camps, and check it out online at

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