Mule Deer Foundation Outreach

The Mule Deer Foundation is proud to be a part of a dedicated community, a kinship and unspoken bond among peers, invested in far more than just the harvest. We are committed to sharing our passion for the outdoors with the knowledge that today’s investment in people will ensure the future of mule deer and black-tailed deer herds. Whether it is a day on the range shooting targets, a frosty morning atop a remote mountain, or a shared sunset over the sage steppe, our community is entrusted with the responsibility to introduce new people to our world.

We do not need to be the greatest hunter with the best equipment nor provide the most perfect hunting spot, to share the sense of companionship and serenity our world provides.

Take a moment to think about those people who show interest in what we do. Extend the opportunity to introduce those with whom we interact every day. Bring someone new along to your next banquet and let them enjoy the sense of community that it provides. Invite them to share a cup of campfire coffee the next time you head out to scout. You might be surprised to find that passing it on to others is more important than punching your tag.



  • What it is to be MINDFUL of, and show respect toward, wildlife.
  • A proper UNDERSTANDING of the relationship between the sports of shooting/hunting and wildlife awareness and conservation.
  • The LEGAL use of shooting equipment including rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows, etc.
  • What it means to be an ETHICAL hunter
  • The Program is to act as a gateway program to inspire, instruct, and introduce YOUTH to shooting sports and conservation, ensuring their continued growth.


  • Habitat is the natural conditions and environment in which wildlife species or plants live.
  • Wildlife plays a vital role in a balanced and healthy environment.
  • Conservation practices for wildlife and their habitats play a large role in wildlife management.
  • Ethical Hunters always follow legal guidelines and regulations established by the government.
  • Mule Deer and Black-Tailed Deer Biology will include the basic necessities of habitat, food and wildlife conservation so that the public can understand the needs of these species. This will the public to be informed and active participants in conservation efforts.

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