Ensuring the Future

The best way to ensure healthy mule deer and black-tailed deer in the future, is by conserving and restoring the habitat that they depend on throughout the year. When the Mule Deer Foundation began in 1988, mule deer were on the decline. Then and now our mission has been steadfast—ensuring the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer, and their habitat. MDF works to make sure that deer have durable, resilient habitat in the face of these changes so they can survive and thrive. The science is telling us which herds are stable or increasing, and which still need more help. It’s telling us where to invest our funding and our time to truly make a difference for those herds that need us the most. With this information we can focus on doing the right work, in the right place, at the right scale.

Pole Mountain Wildlife Friendly Fence Conversion

On National Hunting & Fishing Day and National Public Lands Day, 40 volunteers gathered with the Mule Deer Foundation outside of Laramie, Wyoming, to help modify fencing on the Medicine Bow National Forest. The project took place on Pole Mountain in an area that is adjacent to the Pilot Hill Wildlife Habitat Management Area and is crucial winter range for deer and elk. Projects like this require a lot of physical work and the help from the local volunteers help accomplish more on the ground.


Learn more about this project and our partners HERE.


#ProjectMuleDeer – A Mule Deer Foundation feature film touching on the life and struggles of mule deer and the conservation that surrounds them.

Executive Producer Jason Matzinger and the Mule Deer Foundation encourage you to tune in to learn more about this iconic big game animal of the West, as this feature film draws attention to the ongoing dialogue around protecting migration corridors and other critical steps being undertaken to better ensure the future of mule deer and black-tailed deer.