We need your help! Volunteer with MDF

At the Mule Deer Foundation, we are not afraid to brag—we have some of the best volunteers anywhere! Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, coordinating with our regional staff to get the work done that helps us help mule deer and black-tailed deer.

To be successful, chapters need people to help throughout the year with fundraising events, habitat projects, outreach events, and representation of their chapter at regional meetings or events. Again, this is a team effort so responsibilities are spread out and time commitment is in your hands to help when you can. Our Chapter Volunteers are leaders in their community, representing the Mule Deer Foundation in a positive and responsible manner.

If you are someone who cares about mule deer and black-tailed deer, the future of conservation in your community, and working to make a difference, fill out the contact form below to get involved today. We will be waiting for you!

Project Volunteers

Our habitat projects often need a lot of extra hands to get the work done. Chapters and MDF volunteers get on the ground to help with fencing or guzzler projects, planting shrubs or fighting invasive weeds, and much more – these volunteer work projects can be a great opportunity to put in the sweat equity that will help our deer. In many cases, it’s a family affair with kids to grandparents getting their hands dirty! It doesn’t matter if you are an expert craftsman or completely out of your element, we can find an opportunity for you to dig in.

Fundraising Event Volunteers

To support local habitat projects and programs, we must first raise the funding to do so. MDF Chapters host a variety of events such as Banquet Dinners and Auctions as well as receiving donations from local businesses and individuals. Volunteer by leading the banquet committee, assisting with event registration or helping to collect product donations, your chapter succeeds when there are plenty of people helping throughout the banquet process! These events are a team effort, bringing together people who are passionate and motivated to make a difference will set a chapter up for success.