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Over $560,000 of Chapter Raised Funds Allocated for Conservation Projects

Over $560,000 of Chapter Raised Funds Allocated for Conservation Projects

The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) announced today that it has allocated over $560,000 of Chapter Rewards funds for 45 conservation projects so far this year. Those funds were leveraged or matched by partner dollars for a total of $8.8 million to benefit habitat conservation, hunting and access, research, and wildlife management in 11 western states. The revenues were generated by local chapter banquets and state-based fundraisers, raffles, or other MDF efforts.

MDF volunteers and staff replaced a fire damaged water catchment in the Lassen National forest.

“Our chapters and regional directors work hard to raise funds to put back on the ground in their state, and the Mule Deer Foundation’s Chapter Rewards program plays a critical role in supporting these projects,” said MDF President/CEO Joel Pedersen. “Over a half million dollars was allocated so far this year, which was leveraged by more than $8 million more, for projects like fencing conversions, guzzler installations, habitat restoration work, and mule deer research projects. Those that support MDF should know their donations are making a difference.”

Mule Deer Foundation chapters host events during the year that bring together people who care about mule deer conservation and hunting in the West. The funds raised at the events help support MDF’s mission delivery through broad conservation initiatives as well as targeted projects through the Chapter Rewards program. Highlights of projects funded include the acquisition of 200 acres in the Century Heights North mule deer winter range in Idaho, a pinyon-juniper removal project in Nevada, annual invasive plant species treatments, over 30 miles of wildlife-friendly fencing work, wildlife gate installation to ease deer and other wildlife movement across highways, and much more. Of the 45 projects, there were 20 habitat conservation projects and 18 wildlife management projects, along with others that support research, access, and youth outdoors opportunities.

A young mule deer buck navigates a one-way gate structure installed by MDF near Leadore Idaho.

“MDF’s members care about our mission and support the organization knowing that their donations and participation are helping with mule and black-tailed deer conservation efforts,” said Marshall Johnson, MDF’s Director of Field Operations. “It’s great to see the hard work of our chapters and MDF staff paying it forward to the wildlife and hunting traditions that our members cherish.”

Wildlife friendly fence modification in Wyoming.
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