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Winter is a critical time for our Mule Deer & Black-Tailed Deer

Winter is a critical time for our Mule Deer & Black-Tailed Deer

  • Last chance for year-end giving

With your gift to the Mule Deer Foundation, you’ll be meeting the critical needs of today’s mule deer & black-tailed deer and ensuring their future, helping our staff and volunteers continue to make lasting change across the landscape.

You’ll help our biologists and conservation leaders tackle the looming threats to habitat, equipping them with the mission centric funding that is crucial to success.

MDF has grown over the last 34 years by being committed to a science driven approach. We work hand in hand with agency partners on both the local and national level. While leaning on the support of our members, volunteers, and donors.

In the last three years, together, we have:

  • Impacted and improved over 300k acres
  • Started/Completed 270 habitat projects
  • Removed/ Modified 150 miles of fencing
  • Continued our rangeland fire restoration initiative with the planting of our 1 millionth sage brush plant in Idaho
  • Invested over $60 million dollars back into the landscape of the mule deer & black-tailed deer through habitat improvements

With every $1 raised  MDF puts .89 cents towards mule deer & black-tailed deer and their habitat.

“Those that support MDF should know their donations are making a difference.”

MDF President/CEO Joel Pedersen

Our promise to you is that we will continue to search for ways to increase the impact of your donor dollars. Join us today 

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