Talking Mule Deer Podcast

S1 E8 – MDF’s Habitat Stewardship Program

Episode 8 – MDF Habitat Stewardship Program (Stan Baker, MDF Habitat Stewardship Coordinator & Kevin Zieman, USFS)
This episode of Talking Mule Deer focuses on habitat stewardship projects that the Mule Deer Foundation is involved in across the West. MDF…

S1 E7 – Skullbound TV’s – Jana Waller

Episode 7 – Skullbound TV’s Jana Waller
Today on Talking Mule Deer, we are talking to Jana Waller of Skullbound TV. Jana tells us about her days as a “tomboy” in Wisconsin and her start hunting with her dad, and how hunting has allowed her to connect wit…

S1 E6 – MDF Senior Staff – Mike Laughter, Randy Morrison, and Marshall Johnson

Episode 6 -Mule Deer Foundation Senior Field Staff
On this episode of Talking Mule Deer, Jodi and Steve talk to a few of MDF’s field staff including Director of Field Operations Mike Laughter, and senior regional directors Randy Morrison (California an…

S1 E5 – AZ Game and Fish Dept. – Jim Heffelfinger

Episode 5 – WAFWA Mule Deer Working Group Chair – Jim Heffelfinger
Jim Heffelfinger is the wildlife science coordinator with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, chair of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) Mule Deer Working Gr…

S1 E4 – Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas

Episode 4 – Bass Pro founder – Johnny Morris
This week, Steve and Jodi spend time with a conservation icon – Bass Pro Shops Founder and CEO, Johnny Morris, and his son John Paul. We learn a little bit about Johnny’s upbringing in the outdoors thanks to h…

S1 E3 – Sec. of Interior Ryan Zinke

Episode 2 – Sec. of Interior Ryan Zinke

S1 E2 – Ladies of MDF

Ladies of MDF – Episode 2
Today Jodi kicks Steve off the table to gather some of the ladies helping the Mule Deer Foundation to actively engage women and families in the outdoors. Julie Moretti, wife of MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti, talks about the La…

S1 E1 – MDF President/CEO – Miles Moretti

Episode 1 – MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti
Our first episode of the official MDF Podcast, “Talking Mule Deer,”  features MDF President and CEO, Miles Moretti. Miles gives us an inside look at how the Mule Deer Foundation got its start 30 years ago and h…