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S1 E5 – AZ Game and Fish Dept. – Jim Heffelfinger

S1 E5 – AZ Game and Fish Dept. – Jim Heffelfinger

Episode 5 – WAFWA Mule Deer Working Group Chair – Jim Heffelfinger

Jim Heffelfinger is the wildlife science coordinator with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, chair of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) Mule Deer Working Group, and a renowned expert on western deer management. Jim describes how WAFWA developed the Mule Deer Working Group in the 1990s to help coordinate state efforts for conservation of mule deer. We talk about these efforts – along with some interesting biology knowledge about why hybridization between whitetails and mule deer is so rare, the proper pronunciation for Coues deer, antler development, and other ramblings. He’s also leading the charge to write the latest definitive text book on mule deer and black-tailed deer biology.

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