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S1 E7 – Skullbound TV’s – Jana Waller

S1 E7 – Skullbound TV’s – Jana Waller

Episode 7 – Skullbound TV’s Jana Waller

Today on Talking Mule Deer, we are talking to Jana Waller of Skullbound TV. Jana tells us about her days as a “tomboy” in Wisconsin and her start hunting with her dad, and how hunting has allowed her to connect with her dad and with many other people over the years. Her career life began in investments, but she started writing articles for outdoor publications and that is how she met her partner, Jim Kinsey, who films and produces Skullbound TV – which was at the time the first outdoor hunting show solo hosted by a woman on The Sportsman Channel. She talks about the importance of “branding” hunting in a positive way to boost the credibility of women as hunters. She provides advice on what she’s learned about how to handle the online bullying that is occurring on social media that is increasingly targeting women hunters. Jana also tells us about the artwork that she does on skulls (the genesis of the name “Skullbound”), including the one that she donated to MDF during the 2018 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo. She also talks about her role helping to carry MDF’s message through the work that she does.

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