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Approvals from California Project Review Committee

Approvals from California Project Review Committee

MDF State PRC 2015 Project Approvals

On September 28th, 2015 the California Project Review Committee met and approved a number of very good projects for funding in the upcoming year. Chapter Rewards earned at California Banquets in 2015 were used to fund these projects. They include:

The Gobbler Fire Reseeding project in Trinity County: MDF funded $7500.00 for reseeding critical areas with native forbs and grasses burned in this summer’s wildfires.

The Tule River Reservation Protection Project in the Sequoia National Forest: MDF funded $10,000.00 to pay for prescribed burning operations to open up decadent habitat and reduce fuel loads in deer summer range.

The Modoc Gulch Juniper Reduction Project in Modoc County: MDF funded $8500.00 to help pay for juniper reduction in Sage Brush habitat in important winter range.

Hwy. 89 Stewardship Camera Project: MDF funded $6000.00 to replace outdated trail cameras along the Hwy. 89 corridor in Sierra County. This is an ongoing project to build highway under crossings to reduce road kill along the migration route of the Truckee deer herd.

The Guzzler Maintenance Supplies Project near Bishop. MDF funded $4000.00 to purchase supplies to repair and maintain a number of wildlife guzzlers in the area.

The Plumas National Forest Guzzler Project: MDF funded $25,000.00 to purchase and install 5 wildlife guzzlers in the Plumas National Forest.

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