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S4 E9 – Randy Morrison MDF Habitat Partnership Coordinator

S4 E9 – Randy Morrison MDF Habitat Partnership Coordinator

Randy Morrison, MDF California Habitat Partnership Coordinator – Season 4 Episode 9


After a little break from episodes, Talking Mule Deer is back with Randy Morrison, MDF’s Habitat Partnership Coordinator in California. Randy discusses his transition into this new role after being Regional Director for the state. Randy starts off telling us about a current project in the Stanislaus National Forest and details how MDF treatment processes mimic natural disturbances, creating exceptional habitat for mule deer and black-tailed deer. We talk about how these landscape level contracts evolve over the course of several years, from initial discussion to equipment on the ground. Randy tells us about the California Big Game Management account that allocates tag revenues for programs that benefit big game herds in the state. We learn about Randy’s replacement as MDF’s California Regional Director role, and he reflects on the long standing relationships he developed in the role. As we wind down, Randy discusses a the challenges and opportunities for black-tailed deer management in California, and how MDF will be working to take a much larger role in their conservation in the future.

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