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S3 E11 – Responsive Management with Mark Duda

S3 E11 – Responsive Management with Mark Duda

“Human Dimensions” with Mark Duda – Season 3 Episode 11 – June 4

Today Steve and Jodi are talking to Mark Duda, one of the leading researchers studying what is known as the “human dimensions” of wildlife management. Mark explains what human dimensions is and why understanding the people side of conservation needs to be done in the same scientific process that drives the actual management of species. Mark’s firm, Responsive Management, conducts public interviews to get a better understanding of what people want to see with wildlife management, along with understanding the best way to explain wildlife conservation issues to a public that might have a very different connection with the natural world. We hear about the results of some of his latest research, along with Responsive Management’s long-term studies about public opinion about hunting. We talk about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare, and how the majority of hunters respect animals and care about the welfare of the wildlife they pursue. He also gives us the top three arguments that you can use in defense of hunting, and ones that are the least effective. If you’ve ever wanted to better understand what the public thinks about hunting, and to more effectively talk to non-hunters about your passion for hunting, this is an important episode to listen to – and to share with your hunting buddies. As Mark says, if you can control the language you can control the conversation.

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