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S2 E24 – MDF Women Board Members, Kirsti Pike and Kelli Poole

S2 E24 – MDF Women Board Members, Kirsti Pike and Kelli Poole

MDF Podcast – Talking Mule Deer with Steve Belinda and Jodi Stemler

S2 E24 – MDF’s Women Board Members, Kirstie Pike and Kelli Poole

This episode of Talking Mule Deer features two of MDF’s board members, and the two ladies of the board – Kirstie Pike, founder of Prois Hunting Apparel, and Kelli Poole. We learn a little bit about how Kirstie, a nurse by training, decided to launch one of the first performance hunting apparel companies designed for the female hunter. Kelli, a wildlife biologist who has done research on ungulates, is also a consultant working on community-based conservancies and training local women in Tajikistan to serve as hunting guides. We learn more about how this program works and how Kirstie and Kelli met during Kirstie’s hunt in Tajikistan in 2018. Kelli talks about how hunting conservancies ensure the conservation of wildlife in these countries and how sustainable use of wildlife is benefiting local communities. Both women describe how they are bringing their perspective about how to reach out to and engage women hunters in the Mule Deer Foundation’s mission, and to help introduce more women to hunting. To wrap up, Kirstie talks about some of Prois’ new products, in particular a new upland hunting line called Pradlann. And Kelli tells us about her plans for the coming hunting season in Tajikistan and how hunters can learn more about community-based conservancies and hunting opportunities there at

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