Dave Smith

Dave Smith is a freelance outdoor writer with over 220 articles published in national and regional outdoor magazines over the last 20 years. Dave is currently a frequent contributor to Pointing Dog Journal, Retriever Journal, and MDF, and has established his mark as one of the leading upland gamebird conservation writers in the country. His work has also appeared in The Upland Almanac, Wyoming Wildlife, Montana Outdoors, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever Journal, Mississippi Outdoors, American Waterfowler, Arizona Wildlife Views, and many other magazines In 2015, Dave received the 2nd place award in the Outdoor Writers Association of America Excellence in Craft, Magazine/Conservation contest for his piece, Sandhills and Cycles. He has been a long-time contributor to MDF, specializing in mule deer habitat conservation stories. In his day job, Dave is nationally recognized wildlife conservation leader, serving as the Coordinator of the Intermountain West Joint Venture, a public-private habitat conservation partnership. He lives with his wife, Linda, and kids, Tara, Kyla, and Cole, in Missoula, Montana. Dave spends lots of time mule deer hunting with his kids in the prairie breaks of eastern Montana.

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