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S4 E8 – John Nosler Talks Nosler Ammo and the State of the Industry

S4 E8 – John Nosler Talks Nosler Ammo and the State of the Industry

John Nosler – Season 4 Episode 8 – June 9

On this episode of Talking Mule Deer, we are joined by Nosler Inc. President and COO John R. Nosler. John starts off with an overview of the history of Nosler and how his grandfather, truckdriver John A. Nosler, turned the first Nosler bullet out of spare car parts in the late 1940s, launching a family-owned and operated bullet manufacturing dynasty. John details how Nosler has grown from the first Partition bullet to a full-service ammunition producer and more recently a firearms manufacturer. Based in Bend Oregon, Nosler not only has its own full line of products, but also provides bullets to other manufacturers, which helps to push both their company as well as the partnering manufacturers using their products. Jodi asks John about the current state of business and the details on the ammunition shortage. John fills us in on the challenges Nosler and the ammunition industry as a whole has faced that affect supplies on local shop shelves. As we head into the final segment, John talks about how he personally is invested in mule deer hunting and conservation, and how he is working to get his kids on the mountain.

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