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S2 E20 – Dan Harrison – Celebrity Guide with Harrison’s Hunting

S2 E20 – Dan Harrison – Celebrity Guide with Harrison’s Hunting

MDF Podcast – Talking Mule Deer with Steve Belinda and Jodi Stemler

S2 E 20 – Celebrity Guide, Dan Harrison with Harrison’s Hunting

This week we have our first co-host – MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti – and we’re talking with MDF board member and celebrity guide, Dan Harrison with Harrison’s Hunting. Dan talks about how he got started by doing private land timber management and habitat improvements which led to opportunities to guide hunters on these properties. He got his start on outdoor television with Chris Dorsey of Dorsey Productions and then with Tred Barta on The Best and Worst of Tred Barta; more recently he has co-hosted Remington Country, along with leading hunts on Grateful Nation and several other outdoor television shows. We hear about his passion for mule deer in the West and how they are such an iconic part of western hunting, and why he believes mule deer conservation is so important leading him to become part of MDF’s board. Dan believes in supporting youth as they become successful hunters, he also gives back by hosting veterans and first responders on hunts through American Hero Adventures. He gives us some tips on things hunters can do to be more successful and he tells us about some of the gear that he uses. We talk about long range hunting and why it’s essential to know your effective range, and we hear about a wreck he had on a mountain during archery season last year. Miles and Dan also talk a bit about what it’s like to be a member of the MDF board of directors.

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