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S2 E14 – Camp Chef

S2 E14 – Camp Chef

S2 E14 – Camp Chef’s Brooks Hansen

We love to hunt, but we also love to eat the wonderful wild game meat we bring home and Logan, Utah’s Camp Chef provides some of the best tools to cook your meals in the field or at home. This week Steve and Jodi are talking mule deer with Camp Chef’s marketing manager Brooks Hansen. Brooks tells us about growing up mule deer hunting with his family in Utah and how hunting still provides him with family adventures in the Utah mountains. We learn that the founder of Camp Chef came up with the idea when he was cooking for a hungry group of boy scouts and he thought that there had to be a better way. Camp Chef’s two-burner stoves have developed from the same basic concept over 30 years ago and they continue to expand their product line and improve their quality every year. The company has a broad range of grills, stoves, cast iron and accessories that will allow you to make first class meals anywhere from the backyard to the back country. He gives us some tips for game cooking and some of the best Camp Chef equipment to take up to deer camp. We wrap up talking about Camp Chef’s sponsorship of, and Brooks’ friendship with, The Sporting Chef’s Scott Leysath and a unique hunt that they have planned.

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