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S1 E15 – Shoot Straight TV – Chad and Marsha Shearer

S1 E15 – Shoot Straight TV – Chad and Marsha Shearer

Episode 15 – Chad & Marsha Schearer

This episode of Talking Mule Deer features Chad and Marsha Schearer from Shoot Straight TV. Chad is a native of Montana who grew up hunting mule deer; Marsha is originally from Tennessee and joined Chad as a guide after they got married. Hunting is truly a family affair for the Schearers who share stories about the first time their sons, Walker and Wyatt, shot a mule deer. They also open their hearts to others with challenges and they tell us about a hunt this past year with a young man who has a brain tumor. Chad is also part of the Bergara (precision rifles) team and he talks about the new rifles that are coming out as well as the Bergara Experience Academy in Montana where they host training for long range shooting. As a member of the Mule Deer Foundation Board of Directors, Chad is helping to further the habitat goals of the organization and describes the importance of being an ambassador for conservation.

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