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S1 E13 – Jason Matzinger – #ProjectMuleDeer

S1 E13 – Jason Matzinger – #ProjectMuleDeer

Episode 13 – Jason Matzinger – #ProjectMuleDeer

Into High Country’s Jason Matzinger talks to Steve and Jodi about how he got into producing outdoor television – but more importantly, he talks about his three-year journey to produce #ProjectMuleDeer which will premiere on September 22, 2018. Jason tells us about his inspiration for #ProjectMuleDeer and why this project is so important for not just mule deer but for the legacy of hunting. We talk to him about one of his most memorable deer hunts with a cagey old buck and he also shares why high-elevation glassing is his favorite style of mule deer hunting. Matzinger’s conservation vision shines through in our interview and we are excited to share this episode of Talkin’ Mule Deer right before #ProjectMuleDeer airs on September 22 from 7-8 pm ET on the Sportsman Channel and then from 8-9 pm ET on The Outdoor Channel.

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