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2 years ago

Setting up with some great volunteers! Still have some seats available at our Tremonton banquet. Call Katie 435-757-5857 or John 435-279-3198. One of the best prime rib dinners you'll have!

2 years ago

Mountain Goat Pauly

MULE DEER HABITAT! It's what we do! Thanks to Paul Servey for volunteering and making this awesome video.

48 Volunteers Strong a couple weeks ago at the Middle Fork WMA in Utah to help plant wintering habitat for our Mule Deer!
Thank you Mule Deer Foundation and Mule Deer Foundation / Utah for all you ... See more

2 years ago

***Seats are still available! Come and enjoy one of the best prime rib dinners you will ever have. We are excited to continue to put money on the ground in the Northern region. Come and help us by ... See more

2 years ago

We would like to thank 400 of our closest friends for absolutely crushing it this weekend at Salt Lake City! The Salt Lake Valley chapter is just a flat out blast. Thanks to all the attendees for ... See more

2 years ago

Mule Deer Foundation / Utah

Reminder! This bad boy is up for auction tonight at our Salt Lake Valley Banquet. Call Jeremy 801-471-8254 for more info or phone bids. Call early!

We have an amazing opportunity for all of you that want to go to Alaska! Our Salt Lake Valley banquet will be held March 30th and we will auctioning off this incredible Alaskan Mountain Goat tag!

Hunt Number: DG889
Species: Mountain Goat
Legal Animal: One (1) mountain goat, preferably male, (the taking of a nannies with kids is prohibited)
GMU, Area: 14C, Lake George
Hunting Conditions:
1) PERMIT: The DG889 permit shall be in the possession of the permittee while hunting or transporting a mountain goat and shall be exhibited to any person authorized to enforce state and federal laws who requests to see it. The permit is NON-TRANSFERABLE.
2) WHEN: September 1, 2019 - October 15, 2019.
3) WHERE: That portion of Unit 14C within the drainages of the Knik River upstream from, but not including, Big Timber Creek drainage. The permittee is solely responsible for securing permission to trespass on private land.
4) BAG LIMIT: One (1) mountain goat. Either sex is legal, but harvesting males is encouraged for conservation reasons. The taking of nannies with kids is prohibited. If you have killed a goat anywhere in Alaska during the current regulatory year, this permit is invalid.
SUCCESSFUL hunters: Successful hunters are required to bring in their report and goat horns, attached to the skull plate, to either the ADF&G office in Anchorage, Soldotna, or Palmer for measuring and aging within 10 days of kill.
UNSUCCESSFUL hunters or permittees who DID NOT HUNT: Report online at http://hunt.alaska.gov by phone to 267-2185, or bring the completed harvest report to ADFG in Anchorage, Palmer, or Soldotna within 15 days of the close of the season.
6) PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO REPORT: If you fail to report, you will not be eligible to receive any permits (drawing, tier II, or registration) during the next regulatory year. In addition, your name will be turned over to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers for enforcement action. Offered by the Mule Deer Foundation. MDF is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization. ... See more

2 years ago

Good things coming from San Rafael chapter!

we have some projects coming up soon that the DWR would like to have our support with. ... See more

2 years ago

Photos from Mule Deer Foundation / Utah's post

*Long Post Alert. WOW!!! What an amazing Saturday we just had. Wasatch County held their biggest banquet to date. Raising record number of dollars for Mule Deer Habitat. Weber Davis held about 40 ... See more

2 years ago

Photos from Mule Deer Foundation / Utah's post

PROJECT UPDATE: UCC is following course like Weber Davis. They to are not wasting any time and will be planting 1500 bitter and sage brush on a burn scar in the Santaquin WMA this Sat the 23rd. ... See more

2 years ago

Middle Fork WMA

Weber Davis is not wasting any time! They held a succesful banquet a couple weeks ago and already are putting that money to work! Join them and be part of making the difference. They will be ... See more

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