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S3 E4 – Secretary of the Interior – David Bernhardt

S3 E4 – Secretary of the Interior – David Bernhardt

Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt – Season 3 Episode 4 – March 2

This week, Steve Belinda and Miles Moretti are sitting down with the 53rd Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt, along with Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife president Troy Justensen at the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo. It’s Bernhardt’s first trip to the Expo and he talks about how impressed he is with the event. They talk about all that has been going on in the two years since Bernhardt’s predecessor signed Secretarial Order 3362 Hunt Expo on big game migration corridors and winter range habitat. We hear about how much money has been directed to better understand these migrations, as well as to improve the seasonal habitats that are so important to mule deer. Bernhardt tells us about how growing up in Rifle, Colorado, has impacted his decision-making in his role overseeing the nation’s federal public lands. He also talks about some of the actions that he’s most proud of during his tenure at the Department.

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