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S3 E9 – Wyoming with Ike Eastman and Shawn Blajsczak

S3 E9 – Wyoming with Ike Eastman and Shawn Blajsczak

Wyoming with Ike Eastman and Shawn Blajszczak – Season 3 Episode 9 – May 5

This episode features Steve talking with Ike Eastman, president and CEO of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals, and Mule Deer Foundation Wyoming regional director, Shawn Blajszczak. Ike tells us a little bit of history about how his grandfather and his father spent the “heyday” of mule deer wandering around Wyoming filming deer and other big game. With this perspective of three generations, Ike talks about what they see as the greatest challenges for mule deer in the state including how winter range and migration corridors are critical to ensure the herds are sustained. Shawn then talks about the grant that MDF received from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help restore habitat for mule deer herds prioritized in the Wyoming SO 3362 action plan. They then talk about how important it is for avid hunters to help by being active members of MDF, supporting conservation projects, and being involved in state policy that affects our wildlife resources. Ike tells us about the Eastmans’ upcoming film, previewed at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, that uses their historic and current footage, combined with the new knowledge about mule deer migrations and winter range, to raise awareness and serve as a call to action.

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