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S2 E6 – “State of MDF ” wtih Miles Moretti & Mike Laughter

S2 E6 – “State of MDF ” wtih Miles Moretti & Mike Laughter

Season 2, Episode 6 – State of MDF – Miles Moretti & Mike Laughter

With Hunt Expo just a week ago, Jodi and Steve got the opportunity to sit back down with MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti and MDF’s Director of Field Operations Mike Laughter to hear about the “State of MDF.” Overall, Miles says the organization is in the best position of its 30-year history. We talk about how MDF is actively engaged and being sought out for policy efforts at the national level and at the state and local level through the regional directors. In particular, Miles tells us about a few specific federal policy priorities – a provision that will streamline mule deer and sage grouse habitat restoration that was included in the Farm Bill, and the rapid implementation of Secretarial Order 3362 on big game migration corridors and winter range and MDF’s involvement in that effort. Mike talks about the tremendous growth in chapters as well as the increase in chapters’ “net” fundraising ability which allows the chapters to direct even more funds toward habitat conservation projects through Chapter Rewards. Miles tells us that in 2018, MDF was able to allocate $3.5 million to on-the-ground habitat restoration efforts – not counting the additional dollars donated and the in-kind hours through volunteer work. Finally, Mike and Miles talk about what is coming down the pike for 2019.

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