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S1 E10 – Weatherby Inc. – Adam and Brenda Weatherby

S1 E10 – Weatherby Inc. – Adam and Brenda Weatherby

Episode 10: Adam and Brenda Weatherby

Steve and Jodi visit with Adam and Brenda Weatherby of of Weatherby, Inc – the American firearms company. Adam is the third generation Weatherby to run his family’s company, which was started by his grandfather, Roy, in the 1940’s. Adam talks a little bit about how Roy, a farmer from Kansas, started tinkering in his basement after he moved to California and founded the company that has thrived on innovations in fast shooting rifle cartridges and high-quality firearms. We also talk with Brenda about how she got her start hunting – even though she’s been part of the Weatherby family for more than two decades, she took her hunter safety course with her daughter and started hunting just three years ago. Brenda talks about the women’s rifle, the Camilla (named after Adam’s grandmother and Roy’s wife), and we also talk about their new Carbon Mark rifle. Then Adam and Brenda give us an overview of the company’s big move to Sheridan, Wyoming. Adam talks about joining the Mule Deer Foundation as a board member and his enthusiasm with the growth of MDF chapters and the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo.

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