MDF Arizona Project News

MDF just received the approval for the Malone Pasture Solar Conversion, on Chris and Mark Clines ranch near Tonto Basin. MDF Chapter Reward $ are being used as cost share with the ranch and will bring year-round water to this area of the ranch. The existing well will be converted over to solar, 1.25 miles of poly pipe, 11,000 gallons of additional storage, (2) new drinkers with Vault Valves. This project is a collaboration between MDF, AZGFD, USFS and the ranch, all working together to benefit wildlife!




More MDF solar conversion projects are in the works! We are working on the funding for the Winter Camp Well on the Diamond Butte Ranch and a couple conversions on the Haystack Ranch also. Both these ranches are in Gila County, Units 22 / 23. Our MDF Chapters are working hard, not only on projects but with fundraising as well. These conservation projects take time in planning, working with the appropriate agencies for the necessary cultural clearances and recruitment of volunteers. We hope you’ll join us on a work project or fundraising event, you can make a difference!




MDF’s supply of Bentonite is being delivered to several sites around Arizona. We received 3 Semi loads (135,000 pounds) a few weeks ago and have most of it is already allocated. Our Adopt-A-Ranch partners, Diamond Butte Ranch and 51 Ranch, have or will receive Bentonite soon. MDF and AZGFD have a project coming up in Unit 9, Charley Tank, that will receive a good clean out and Bentonite application as well.
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