Mule Deer Foundation President/CEO


After 14 years of leadership, Miles Moretti, the Mule Deer Foundation’s current President & CEO, will retire March 31, 2021. This is a rare opportunity to take the helm of one of America’s leading wildlife conservation organizations and steer it into the future. MDF has an experienced, professional staff and passionate volunteers and partnerships with numerous State and Federal Agencies and other NGO’s. The Board of Directors has developed a Strategic Plan to take MDF into the future.  The successful applicant will have the unique opportunity to build on this success supported by a team of seasoned staff and engaged Board of Directors.

The President & CEO will report directly to the Board of Directors and lead the advancement of the Foundation’s mission. Responsibilities of the position are to lead all aspects of the Foundation’s work including program development and management, financial management, grantmaking and optimizing the relationship with donors. The President/CEO will be the responsible for continuing the strategic growth of local fundraising and increasing membership in the Foundation. The President & CEO will be maintain and expand MDF’s presence on Governance and Policy Issues at the National and State level.

The President & CEO will be responsible for executive management, working with the Board of Directors on strategic direction, developing policy and elevating the profile of the Foundation. Fundraising and development programs will require a person that can network and build relationships with local Chapters and potential major gift donors. Critical to our success is the management and oversight of one of America’s fastest growing Hunting and Conservation Expos. The President & CEO position will need a strong background in wildlife conservation and management and develop partnerships with other wildlife conservation agencies and NGOs.

Candidate Profile

Strategic and Visionary Leadership: The President & CEO is a strategic leader who, in partnership with the Board, sets and clearly articulates a vision for the Foundation and how the foundation can effectively deploy its human and financial assets to accomplish the Foundation’s mission.

Ambassadorship, Fundraising and Asset Development: The President & CEO will need to have the skills in building valued relationships with donors and philanthropists while ensuring the Foundation significantly grows its asset base.

Board Development & Leadership: The ideal candidate will be experienced at building and supporting a highly productive Board. The President & CEO will guide the Board in meeting its governance responsibilities in a productive, efficient manner.

Nonprofit Management: The President & CEO will possess strong staff and financial management experience and exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

Passion for the Mission: The President & CEO will have a true commitment to strengthening the Foundation and expanding the conservation initiatives

Membership: The President & CEO will focus on increasing the membership of the Foundation as well as increasing the retention of existing members.


Experience: A minimum of 10 years experience in the Natural Resources field or in non-profit fundraising/management. A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Natural Resources, Business and/or Finance is preferred.

Salary and Benefits will be negotiable. Benefits include Health Insurance, 401 k, and personal leave. Successful applicant will be required to live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Applications will be accepted until October 15, 2020. The successful applicant will start in the new position on March 1, 2021 to provide one month transition before Moretti’s official retirement date of March 31, 2021.

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