MDF Habitat Partnership Coordinator Position


The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) is seeking a term (3 year with possibility of extension) Habitat  Partnership Coordinator (Coordinator) to work with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources  (DWR) on high priority habitat projects in Utah. The Coordinator will have a home office and  will be required to live in Utah, with a preference to NE or Central Utah (Price, Vernal, etc.)  within 2 hours of Salt Lake City. The position will report directly to the MDF Director of  Conservation (Director) and have substantial coordination with DWR staff. The position will  work closely with MDF and DWR staff, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), MDF conservation partners, and other local stakeholders to identify, plan, and implement  habitat projects within Utah through the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative. Potential work  outside of Utah could be available pending funding and capacity. Coordinator will provide  project planning, project management, agreement and contract management, and program  development support to work associated with habitat project implementation. The Coordinator is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing collaborative stewardship and  conservation programs in Utah, while working with local stakeholders including local  communities, conservation NGOs, federal and state agencies, and private sector partners to  support strategic initiatives and long-term goals of the MDF and the DWR.



The MDF Habitat Coordinator is responsible for

  • Develop and implement projects described within the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative (, including but not limited to: vegetation  treatments, prescribed burning, water projects, and monitoring that benefit mule deer  and a multitude of wildlife species.
  • Create specific individual projects on behalf of MDF or partners to be submitted for  consideration and funding from the WRI, which may be carried out through, but not  limited to, separate funded agreements and/or contracts as decided and agreed to by  both parties.
  • Participate with regional WRI meetings/events and lead efforts to identify best projects and locations for mule deer conservation for which the WRI can provide assistance.
  • Serve as project lead to oversee project design and coordinate the implementation of  those projects completing follow-up monitoring and reporting when required.
  • Provide internal coordination with MDF, DWR, and other MDF partner’s staff.
  • Organize the pieces to complete implementation of projects.
  • Complete implementation when applicable and capable.
  • Submit follow-up reporting documentation.
  • Build community support for habitat projects.
  • Secure additional funding through Mule Deer Foundation or other partner networks.

Essential Duties  

  • Build and maintain close and mutually beneficial collaborative relationships among  federal and state land management agencies, NGO partners, and MDF partners to  implement effective landscape scale conservation and stewardship partnerships’ 
  • Develop scope of work for stewardship and conservation projects in Utah, which occur  across various land ownerships and land uses. 
  • Coordinate with DWR, USFS, BLM and other partner staff to develop, modify, manage,  and track all aspects (including budgets, contracting mechanisms, and accomplishments)  of habitat projects associated with habitat projects (e.g., hand thinning, mechanical  thinning, mastication, biomass removal, prescribed fire, etc.) that benefit mule deer and  other wildlife. 
  • Ensure timely and accurate monthly administrative and financial obligation actions  including invoicing and reporting efforts, including identifying and executing necessary  amendments, for contracts and grant-funded stewardship work. 
  • Build new partnerships to strengthen MDF and DWR ability to support on-the-ground  restoration and enhancement projects that benefit conserve natural systems and  expand outdoor experiences. 
  • Maintain a breadth of knowledge about current and emerging issues, policy  development, and innovations in the field of stewardship activity and conservation  programming to enhance MDF program effectiveness. 

Education and Qualifications 

  • Education: Minimum of an undergraduate degree in natural resources field (wildlife,  conservation, forestry, environmental science, or related field). 
  • Work Experience: At least five years of work experience managing habitat projects, or  similar conservation programs, including project planning, and/or project  implementation, preferably on state or federal lands (preference will be given to work  associated with forestry and habitat projects). 
  • Project Management: Experience managing project planning and implementation that  involves multiple organizations, stakeholder teams, and funders, including experience  managing grants and/or contracts, project budgets and timelines, contractor oversight  and compliance monitoring, and reporting and invoicing requirements. 
  • Project Coordination: Experience in project planning and implementation activities that  involve multiple partners and diverse scopes of work. 
  • Outreach and Engagement: Experience with community outreach and education efforts  about land management, wildfire mitigation, restoration, forest health, or other  conservation-related topics across diverse stakeholders are preferred. 
  • Agreement/Contract Management: Experience working with state wildlife agencies, U.S.  Forest Service, BLM, or other federal agency agreements, on habitat project such as or similar to Stewardship Agreements and Challenge Cost Share Agreements, or other  contracts to implement habitat projects.
  • Land and Watershed Management: Experience with land and watershed science, policy,  and management, including forest restoration, forest health, fire science, vegetation  management, wildlife conservation, and/or meadow and stream restoration.  
  • A strong understanding of natural resource issues in Utah and the Intermountain West.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational and administrative skills.
  • Strong writing skills and public speaking experience. 

Abilities and Skills 

  • Ability to work with a wide range of people with differing and sometimes conflicting  opinions. 
  • Ability and willingness to work independently, work in outdoor conditions, and maintain  a flexible work schedule if needed. 
  • Ability to work well and be flexible in a team-oriented environment. 
  • Ability to represent MDF in a clear and professional manner through excellent written  and oral communication, and interpersonal skills; and 
  • A strong attention to detail, with skill in working in a timely and well-organized fashion. 

Salary/Benefits – $70 – 80K, DOE. Health Insurance and 401K 

Application Deadline: June 30, 2021, tentative starting date is August 1, 2021 Location: NE or central UT, within 2 hours of SLC 

To Apply: Please send a brief cover letter and resume to MDF at with the  subject line: “Application for UT MDF Habitat Partnership Coordinator”. 

Successful candidate will be required to pass a background check and drug test as condition of  employment with MDF. 

MDF is an equal opportunity employer and a drug free workplace.