Ciarah Kluesner – Regional Director ID, E. Oregon

Ciarah was born in Lemhi Valley, and from the very beginning had a passion for the mountains, valleys, and deserts of Idaho. Whether she was metal detecting with her grandpa finding lost treasures in the mountains, shooting with her dad, or going down the road with friends and family to rodeos across the state and northwest. Ciarah is passionate about conserving her home state, wildlife, and lifestyle that she got the opportunity to grow up in. With a background in marketing, communication and non-profit work, she enjoys volunteering in her community, spending time with family, and can be found driving around the mountains. Ciarah is excited to be working with the Mule Deer Foundation to ensure our future generations are able to experience the way of life we have grown to love and respect.

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Phone: 208-521-7858


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